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Keep Learning

Welcome Online, Ags!


Texas A&M University is committed to serving our students with the highest quality instruction from our talented faculty. KEEP LEARNING AT Texas A&M is designed to encourage students to understand how professors are adapting to the online and hybrid learning environments, gain confidence with the recommended technologies your professor may utilize to keep teaching, and access resources to assist along the way.


If you need assistance with course accommodations, please contact Disability Resources


  1. Look for communication from your professor for each course so you know what to expect.

    Your professors have been encouraged to communicate with you using these strategies.

  2. Learn how to use and connect to technologies that will help you keep learning.

    Texas A&M University is supporting two learning management systems (LMS) this Fall. Log into Howdy where you can access both eCampus and Canvas. 

  3. Know that we are all in this together as we do our best to keep teaching and keep learning at Texas A&M.   

    Do your part to stay well and stay social

If you’re new to learning online, check out the “Quick Start” box in each section below. You won’t need every tool that’s offered, below, but they’re listed to give you a combination of tools to help you adapt and use the tools that work best for you.



Fall 2020 Course Delivery Modes 

face to face delivery icon
Face-to-face courses require students and intructors to physically meet in the same place at the same time
Term type =
traditional face-to-face
These courses are intended to be attended in person, but students can opt to attend these course remotely
face to face delivery icon

Asynchronous courses are designed for students to take online on their own schedule

Meeting times field shows 'ONLINE' for building and does not list a specific day or time for meeting Attendance is marked through participation and turning in assigments
synchronous delivery icon

Synchronous courses require instructors and students to meet online at the same time
Meeting times field shows 'ONLINE' for building with scheduled meeting day(s) and time(s). Students are expected to participate online at the time listed; and other activities courses should not be scheduled over class time.


Life on Campus: Fall 2020

Residence Life

Campus Dining, Computer Labs and Study Spaces

Academics & Advising 

Student Health & Well-Being 


Plug-In: Required Technology

All accessible though Howdy


Learning Resources

Online Learning Experience

Quick Start

As you learn online, we want you to know that we have encouraged your professors to organize your online learning experience in the following ways:

  • Revise the syllabus as needed to adapt to an online learning environment
  • Clearly communicate changes to learning activities  
  • Utilize Zoom to create real-time experiences to support a sense of community among students 


Get Connected

quick start

Here are the top four things you need to succeed with online learning:

  1. Clear Communication:Take the time to understand how your professor prefers to communicate for each class.
  2. Internet and Device Access: Ensure you have access to the internet and a laptop/desktop and/or mobile device. Click Here for a list of computer requirements.
  3. Learning Environment: Find a quiet, distraction-free area to access your online courses.
  4. Time Commitment: Expect to spend as much time, if not more time, engaging with your class commitments as you adapt to an online learning environment.

Stay Well. Stay Social.

quick start

Texas A&M University supports every student, faculty, and staff on Zoom. Download Zoom if you have not already done so. See how easy it is!

You can use Zoom outside of a class and you can even set up your own Zoom session. Zoom allows you to stay connected with friends, peers, and your professors. Feature enhancements like the Chat tool allow you to stay connected outside of meetings and then quickly convene the Chat group when it is time to connect. ​

TIP: You will learn new ways of communicating and managing relationships online, which you be may find useful in other situations, such as when you seek professional employment.​